Mechanical Engineering


“An optimist will tell you the glass is half-full; the pessimist, half-empty; and the engineer will tell you the glass is twice the size it needs to be.”

–Oscar Wilde (maybe)





T 9/3

Review Policies & Expectations

Find the course website and Canvas

Day 1 Survey

Electronically Sign Policies & Expectations

W 9/4

Distinguish orthographic, oblique, isometric, and perspective sketches

Make simple oblique and isometric sketches of a simple object

Lecture notes

Oblique and Isometric drawing paper

Submitting Assignments

Weekly Reading: Psychopathology

Discussion contribution due Sun 8PM

Sketching #1

F 9/6


Sketch an object from an orthographic drawing

Sketch a more complex object

Sketching #2

M 9/9 C

T 9/10 F

Work on sketches


T 9/10 A

W 9/11 F

Finish sketches

Weekly Reading: Psychopathology Part Deux

W 9/11 A

Th 9/12 F

Refresher:  English/metric lengths

Create simple objects using CAD

Work on CAD

Using A160 Computers

Submitting Assignments

CAD Basic Tutorial

CAD #1

Th 9/12 A

F 9/13 F

Work on CAD

F 9/13 A

M 9/16 F

Work on CAD


T 9/17

Create an assembly using CAD

Video Tutorials

Weekly Reading:  Why Designers Go Astray

CAD #2

CAD Level 1

W 9/18

Work on CAD


Th 9/19 A

F 9/20 F

L1:  Create files for 3D printing

Work on CAD

3D Printing Instructions


F 9/20 A

M 9/23 F

Last day for CAD in class!


M 9/23 A

T 9/24 F

Relate Time to Money




T 9/24 A

W 9/25 F

Describe motion and 6 "degrees of freedom"

Describe mechanisms for converting and transforming motion

Notes on Mechanisms

Motion Analysis

Motion Examples

W 9/25 A

Th 9/26 F

Complete Motion Analysis



F 9/27

Introduce Mechanisms Mini-Project

Describe Project Log requirements

Describe Personal Post-Project Review

Practice “constructive criticism”

Mechanisms Mini-Project

Project Log

Personal Post-Project Review (PPPR)

M 9/30

Work on project


T 10/1 A

W 10/2 F

Work on project


W 10/2 A

Th 10/3 F

Finish project



More Resources for this Unit…


Sketching - from the MIT Open CourseWare version of 2.000 (How and Why Machines Work)

Mechanism Animations – Organized by motion transformations; the terminology is a little informal and a little off

More Mechanisms - The rest of the ones we viewed in class from Brock Engineering

Formal Kinematics Notes - From a CMU college course; this is the official terminology (in the US, anyway)

Get Creo 2.0 for free – Instructions for downloading and installing (Windows only!)



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