Electrical Engineering


“Electrical Engineers:  More frequency, less resistance."

–MIT wall





T 11/5 A

W 11/6 F

Debrief on UCD project

End of Project Survey


W 11/6 A

Th 11/7 F

Intro to electronics:  batteries, resistors, LEDs

V = IR, P = IV

Lecture notes – Electricity

Checkpoint 1

Th 11/7 A

F 11/8 F

Read the resistor color code

Lecture notes – Resistors

Color Wheel Kit

Color Wheel Instructions

Color Code Lab


F 11/8 A

T 11/12 F

Build your first program with the Basic Stamp microcontroller

Understand positive, negative, and current direction

Use the Board of Education breadboard area

Kit & Computer Instructions

Getting Started Lab

Checkpoint 2


T 11/12 A

W 11/13 F

Create simple circuits with programs controlling their operation

L1:  Draw circuits with TinyCAD

Lecture notes – LEDs

Flashing Light Lab

Checkpoint 3

Th 11/14

Work on lab


F 11/15

Finish lab


M 11/18 A

T 11/19 F

Handle input signals with program

Lecture notes –Flashing Lights Debrief

Lecture notes – Pushbuttons

Pushbutton  Lab

Checkpoint 4

T 11/19 A

W 11/20 F

Work on lab


W 11/20 A

Th 11/21 F

Work on lab


Th 11/21 A

F 11/22 F

Finish lab


F 11/22 A

M 11/25 F

Describe potentiometers and capacitors

Use RC timing circuits for measuring resistance

Lecture notes –Pushbutton Debrief

Lecture notes – RC Circuits

RC Timing Circuits Lab

Checkpoint 5

T 11/26

Work on lab


W 11/27

20 min

Work on lab


T 12/3 A

W 12/4 F

Work on lab


W 12/4 A

Th 12/5 F

Finish lab


Th 12/5 A

F 12/6 F

Introduce "Instrument" Project

Use phototransistor, piezo speaker, and 7-segment LED display

Project Assignment

Score Sheet

F 12/6 – T 12/17 A

M 129 – W 12/18 F

Work on project


W 12/18 A

Th 12/19 F

Kick off Midyear Projects

CAD  Camera  Instrument


Th 12/18 A

(Free block – Field trip on drop day)


F 12/19

Olin Expo Day field trip!



Enjoy the break


Th 1/2 - F 1/3

Midyear Project work day


M 1/6 A

T 1/7 F

EE Review


T 1/7 A

W 1/8 F

EE Quiz



More Resources for this Unit…


“What’s a Microcontroller” (WAM) Student Guide – latest version from Parallax

Basic Stamp Editor download – latest version from Parallax

PBasic documentation:  web link and .pdf download

TinyCAD Download – from SourceForge



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