Engineering Design

Mr. Holthouse & Mr. Jibson


 “Start off with dreams.  End up with compromises.”  -Engineer's Proverb

“Don't stop dreaming.”  -Engineer’s Proverb Addendum.” 





M 5/5

Introduce Robot Project

AP Psych PM

T 5/6

Work on Robot


W 5/7

Work on Robot

AP Calc AM (F)


Th 5/8

Work on Robot

AP Lit AM (F)


F 5/9 F

M 5/12 A

Work on Robot

AP Lang AM, Stats PM (F) Fri

AP Bio AM (A), AP Physics PM (F) Mon

Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown

M 5/12 F

T 5/13 A

Work on Robot – Qualifying  runs

AP Gov AM (A) Tues


T 5/13 F

W 5/14 A

Work on Robot – Qualifying  runs

AP US AM (A), AP Euro PM Wed


Th 5/15

Work on Robot – Qualifying  runs

F 5/16

Work on Robot – Qualifying  runs

Prom Night but lucked out, both sections before 11)

M 5/19

Robot Races!

Qualifying runs


T 5/20

Disassemble robots

Inventory kits

End of year survey

Qualifying runs


W 5/21

Th 5/22

Qualifying runs



More Resources for this Unit…


Parallax Web Site

  Basic Stamp Editor software  - to install at home

  Boe-Bot Manual – warning: newer version, page numbers different than books in lab

  Basic Stamp Programming Manual – documentation on the BASIC programming language



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