Physical Science Mr. Holthouse


"What you try to do is to be brilliant more often than you are an idiot."

-Prof. Gerald Guralnik, Brown University, on succeeding in research


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F 5/9

Describe the difference between matter, mass, and volume

Define density

Compute density from mass and volume

Given 2 of mass, volume and density, find the other

L1: convert units while computing with density


Density Worksheet 1

M 5/12

Practice density problems

Density Worksheet 2

Energy Review due Wed

T 5/13

Identify materials from computed densities


Solids Density Lab

Online Data Entry

Finish Analysis from lab

W 5/14

Energy Unit review



Th 5/15

Debrief density lab

Compare weight vs. mass

Convert mass to weight on Earth

Describe buoyancy using densit

L1: define buoyancy using weight and compute the buoyant force y


Buoyancy Worksheet 1

Buoyancy Reading - 19.2-3

F 5/16

Energy Unit Test



M 5/19

Pop quiz on reading

Solve simple numeric buoyancy problems

Bill Nye explains buoyancy!

Bill Nye Questions

Buoyancy Worksheet 2

Buoyancy Reading - 19.4-5

W 5/21

Review buoyancy problems

Float Your Boats!


Buoyancy Problems


Th 5/22

Solve buoyancy word problems

Debrief on Float Your Boat

Quiz on Density

Engineering Design Process

Choose Process Roles

Buoyancy Questions


F 5/23

Review buoyancy problems


Read Sink Your Sub lab

L1 Buoyancy Problems

T 5/27

Apply measurement and buoyancy principles to make an object neutrally buoyant

Sink Your Sub lab


Read Sub Project Description

W 5/28

Introduce  Sub Project:  Score Sheet, Project Log

Work on Subs



Sub Design Ideas (3 per team)

Project Plan

Th 5/29

Buoyancy Quiz

3 Design Ideas, Project Plan Due end of class


Final Review 1a due Tues

F 5/30

Work on Subs

Lab open after school until 3:30PM



T 6/3

Work on Subs

Lab open after school until 3:30PM


Final Review 1b due Thu

Review 1a Answers

W 6/4

Work on Subs

Design Plan due end of class!



Th 6/5

Work on Subs

Lab open after school until 3:30PM


Final Review 2 due Mon

Review 1b Answers

F 6/6

Work on Subs

Lab open after school until 3:30PM



M 6/9

Work on Subs

Lab open after school until 3:30PM


Unit Review worksheet due Wed

Review 2 Answers

T 6/10

Testing Day!

As-built Design,  Signed Project Logs Due at start of first test



W 6/11

Project Report Due

Review for Unit Test



Final Review 3 due Mon

Unit Review Answers

F 6/13

Unit Test on Density & Buoyancy



M 6/16

Review for Final Exam


Review 3 Answers

End of year survey

Th 6/19

Review extra help 11:45



F 6/20

Final Exam




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